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Oghak NGO Courses

In order to realize its mission and achieve its vision, Oghak NGO implements various courses, which will endow its members with various skills and create the opportunity for individuals to explore their fields of interests and gain new skills.

We encourage you to contribute to the activities of Oghak by sponsoring one of the courses that we organize and which may be close to your heart.

Each course consists of 8, 12, or 15 classes for each academic period (September-December, January-May).

The sewing course consists of 18 classes, during which the participants will learn the secrets of sewing and design, as well as deepen and strengthen their knowledge through practical work.

You can fund 1 cycle of the Course with 145,000 AMD or 2 cycles with 290,000 AMD

Nork Marash 5th Street, house 47, Yerevan, Armenia

Sewing Courses at Oghak NGO

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Oghak NGO is a non-profit organization established in Yerevan, Armenia in November 2015. The organization is guided by three core values: growth, self-discipline, and integrity.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to help Armenian individuals to embrace self-development through self-awareness, personal growth, development of creative thinking, and cultivating resilience, all in a constructive atmosphere and through various courses and workshops. Oghak strives to achieve this mission through personal growth and professional training programs.

What is our Vision?

Our vision is to create a community, where individuals have integrity, self-awareness, a growth mindset, creativity, and resilience  – a community that can be the supporting foundation for the development of a strong state.

What do we Do?

To attain its vision and accomplish its mission, Oghak designs its programs based on the evaluation of the needs of the community through creating and organizing a series of public events and gatherings, educational courses and professional workshops, health campaigns and counseling. Over the years, Oghak has expanded its operations from its center in the Nork Marash District in Yerevan into many regions (marzes) of Armenia, including Aragatsotn, Gegharkunik and Tavush.

Oghak adapts its program and projects to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the Armenian society it works in, even more so during times of crisis. Our dedication is foremost to serve best for the development of the Armenian society to its full potential.

How Can You Make a contribution?

Oghak has been able to achieve many of its objectives thanks to the professional and financial support of individuals from around the world. For those who are eager to support our cause and share the joy of our success, we offer several ways of making a contribution.


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